Mainframe Storage Analytics Has Never Been Easier

Sifting through SMF records can be tedious (and expensive), but this data helps illustrate the ways mainframe storage contributes to the global performance of your z/OS system.

Performance bottlenecks, system configuration issues, and chargeback information — all of this and more can be understood at a greater efficiency through storage analytics software. Storage analytics software helps reveal opportunities for optimizing mainframe configuration and can act as the foundation for a better, cheaper mainframe environment.

In our guide The Value of Storage Analytics we break down the historically unrealized potential of storage analysis, and how to better use storage data to uncover new mainframe performance optimizations. Learn how ZETALY, the turn-key analytics solution, helps relate raw storage data to real-world ROI. Whether you’re a storage expert interested in streamlining analytics, or a mainframe manager looking to leverage storage data to gain a competitive advantage, ZETALY helps IT professionals overcome the operational hurdles associated with storage analytics.

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