Modernizing the Invaluable Mainframe

Explore four paths to mainframe modernization
derived from our Observability solution

Learn how to leverage AIOps, FinOps, Automation and Predictive Resource Planning for mainframe innovation initiatives.


A one-stop mainframe solution to rule them all

Whether you’re building reports to make sense of mainframe logs, managing MSU consumption to control IT costs, or aligning mainframe activity with business goals, ZETALY is the one-stop mainframe optimization solution.

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Bring your operational data to life.
From beginning to end.

Log Collection

No more waiting a day or more for data to compile. ZETALY collects mainframe metrics in a matter of minutes.

Log Management

All your important operational data in a single database. Control volumes with powerful aggregation techniques.

Log Interpretation

Interactive dashboards reveal data relationships and help complete the greater performance picture.

Log exploitation

How about being able to predict what will happen? Discover actionable insights derived from trends and projections.

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