zCost Management will attend to Tech U Sao Paulo 3rd-5th September 2019 come learn how to master your mainframe infrastructure with ZETALY. 


04th September 2019

Make sense of your SMF records and mainframe logs.

05:30pm – 06:30pm

Room 10

By Roberto Pacheco,  Support & Pre-sales

Mainframe operational data is a dormant gold mine of useful information and not easy to exploit. Then there’s the need to make technical and business sense of the huge amount of data found in SMF records and z/OS logs. Attend this session to learn how ZETALY Service Intelligence provides new perspectives of your environment and it enhances day-to-day operations. Now that you have this analysis, what do you do with it ? zCost’s ZETALY Service Intelligence using Machine learning engines adds anomaly detection, eliminates false-positive alerts, gives deep analytical insights, determines normal conditions whether it be Storage, CICS, DB2, Performance and more. ZETALY presents this in easy to understand user-customizable dashboards.

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