ZETALY Cost Control (CC)

Take back the helm
of your budget.
Without sacrifices.


Provide the best quality of service

It is your primary responsibility to ensure optimal service quality for end users. This mission is not always easy to accomplish, especially in a context of reduced budgets and lack of visibility. It is essential to be able to use all your available resources to their full potential.

Control & reduce MLC costs

Mainframe-specific MLC costs are complex, significant and require constant attention.
Meeting contractual commitments can quickly become a nightmare without careful management and regular visibility. ZETALY CC can help them control these costs.

Automate capacity management

Manually managing mainframe capacity requires time and expertise. The slightest mistake can have a huge impact on your business activity and your company’s revenues. Automating capacity management frees up time, secures production and takes that thorn out of your side.

Improve Mainframe
Cost Predictability

Mainframes still play a key role. The need to develop, deploy, deliver new applications faster create new workload patterns, which impact the Z platform costs. New pricing models have been announced that provide increased flexibility to manage Mainframe workloads. Nevertheless, understanding Mainframe pricing and Mainframe resources utilization is the key to efficiently master cost predictability.

ZETALY CC improves cost predictability with advanced monitoring & control strategy. The solution positions the mainframe as a profitable alternative to cloud computing.

A solution for every pricing model.

Tailored Fit pricing for dev/test & new applications

TFP gives more flexibility in terms of MSU consumption but still requires monitoring capabilities to respect commitments. ZETALY displays in real time the consumption of each container whether they are collocated with other workloads in a LPAR or having their own dedicated LPAR’s on one CPC or spanning over many CPC’s.

Enterprise Consumption/Capacity Solution

With these new pricing solutions, it is more essential than ever to follow your annual consumption and to understand who the highest contributors to these costs are. In the coming version, ZETALY CC will provide you all the information needed to control your costs in this new pricing context.

Country Multiplex Pricing

CMP transforms one or more datacenters in the same country into a single unit from a billing point of view. However, the capacity management parameters have yet to be defined machine by machine. ZETALY CC consolidates the whole and thus achieves capacity distribution between machines. The solution also simplifies real-time CMP billing tracking.

Mobile Workload Pricing

MWP reduces MLC costs related to mobile transactions. ZETALY CC helps you evaluate its benefits through detailed reporting. You can thus monitor and understand the share of mobile activity in your consumption. What if you want more performance for the same budget? You can then choose to transform this reduction into performance gains in real time.