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Why is collecting mainframe data so hard?
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Nothing is more stressful than a phone call from the top management asking why an application is slow, or even worse: down. In a context of reduced IT budget, being compliant with your Service Level Agreements is more critical than ever.

Performance issues can have different sources:

● Your budget constraint forces you to limit the power of your machine. Hard capping, absolute capping and soft capping help you control your software bills but require a tight monitoring if you want to protect critical workloads.

● Your recent updates or developments are not stable enough and generate loops and delays. In this context, you need to keep an eye on your mainframe behaviors to take corrective actions quickly if needed.

● Your performance needs were higher than expected. If you under-estimate the impact of new business activities on your infrastructure, your hardware might not be able to handle it. Hardware upgrades take time but your users might not have the luxury to wait.

How ZETALY can help

Collect your mainframe data on the fly and investigate in real-time for performance improvements

ZETALY Service Intelligence (SI) is a Mainframe Operations Analytics solution designed for simplicity. It offers the opportunity to leverage operational data for system performance optimization.

  • Analyze quickly CICS & Db2 activity & performance
  • Understand CPU & memory usage
  • Manage storage & datasets with ease
  • Analyze your WLM priorities
  • Optimize LPAR configuration & cache usage

Get the most of your mainframe capacity

You don’t need to sacrifice performance to reduce your costs. You just need to have the right capacity at the right place and at the right time.

ZETALY Automated Capacity automatically and dynamically adjusts your defined capacity levels to ensure the best quality of service.

By load balancing your MSUs between LPARs and CPCs, you can make sure your production LPARs always have the capacity they require to answer business needs.

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