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What is the value of mainframe operational data?
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How to analyze system data from a business perspective?
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Mainframes, complex and huge, require constant management to keep systems available and users happy. You need access to the right information to take strategic decisions.

Today, mainframes generate 30 billion transactions a day and host 80% of business data. In a nutshell, they are critical for many companies, and probably for your own business too.

Managing a system involves access to the right information at the right time. This means overcoming a multitude of obstacles:

  • Availability – Mainframe log files are hard to collect and consume precious, expensive resources.
  • Maintenance – Data storage requirements and throughput can be overwhelming.
  • Readability – Operational data is only readable by system experts.
  • Scope – It comes in silos, by technical components, and doesn’t provide an infrastructure overview.
  • Contextualization – Raw data is of little help to make strategic decisions.

Besides, mainframes are legacy systems, less likely to appeal to young system engineers. As skills are diminishing, managing a mainframe can seem like an insurmountable task.

How ZETALY can help

Get mainframe insights at your finger tips

ZETALY Service Intelligence (SI) is a Mainframe Operations Analytics solution designed for simplicity.  It offers the opportunity to leverage operational data for system performance optimization. Easy to use, even by non-experts, it bridges the gap between infrastructure and business.

  • Gain visibility into your mainframe activity.
  • Understand the general organization and dependencies of your infrastructure.
  • Connect technical data to its business context.
  • Analyze in detail the performance of a specific technical component.
  • Track critical key performance indicators and detect anomalies.

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