A new set of solutions to modernize and simplify
mainframe infrastructure management

PARIS, FRANCE, June 18, 2019– zCost Management©, one of the leading companies in mainframe optimization, announced today, the launch of a new brand for its new solution, Zetaly. More contemporary and bolder, this new identity supports zCost Management’s ambition to innovate in the mainframe software sector.

Zetaly uncovers new perspectives

Since 2006, the company has grown through its expertise in cost control. This new identity expresses a desire to offer more. Challenges in the mainframe are more numerous than ever. zCost is now in a major investment phase with the objective of meeting customer challenges faster and better.

Following IBM’s recent announcements, we are well aware that cost control will not only involve capacity automation as we proposed with AutoSoftCapping,” explains Bruno KOCH, CEO of zCost. “Mainframe experts will need a real control center capable of providing them with the information they need to manage the activity in a finely tuned way.”

Better mainframe management requires, among other things, a global understanding of the system and a deep analysis of IT activity and performance mechanisms. Experts must be proactive, anticipate anomalies and have a long-term strategy to provide the best quality of service for users.

Meeting these challenges is not easy and often involves navigating between several software packages. Zetaly is designed to bring together in a single platform many areas of expertise, starting with service intelligence and cost control.

A focus on new technologies and simplicity.

The creation of Zetaly starts from the observation of an absurd reality. The mainframe is today the most powerful, reliable and profitable platform available. However, its management remains complex because there is no simple solution to monitor and control what happens there. Yet the technology to address it already exists.

“There has been a lot of investment in open platform technologies in recent years, with the mainframe being somewhat sidelined.” said Jacky Hofbauer, President of zCost. “Our goal is to take advantage of the latest innovations to improve mainframe management. The Zetaly platform uses a state-of-the-art business intelligence framework and a machine learning engine.”

No need for a complex architecture to take advantage of these capabilities. Zetaly is easy to install, configure and use. The user experience has been designed so that one can quickly become an expert on their mainframe.

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