Why IT Teams Should Leverage Machine Learning For Mainframe Operations Analytics

Due to the sheer volume of logs generation, mainframe analytics can be cumbersome, unruly, and expensive. As a result, many IT teams simply don’t bother with logs analysis, and leave money on the table.

ZETALY is redefining what it means to manage mainframes. Backed by several intuitive machine learning processes, ZETALY helps make mainframe data understandable to everyone on the IT team. By visualizing performance data within a context specific to job responsibilities, all IT members can become mainframe experts.

Whether you’re tracking KPIs to find new performance optimizations, using AI to automate anomaly detection, or visualizing logs data, ZETALY makes mainframe optimization accessible to everyone. Check out our guide Why IT Teams Should Leverage Machine Learning For Mainframe Analytics and learn why machine learning is the new operational standard for logs analysis.

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