Service Intelligence

Release Notes

Latest version: v2.0.0
General Availability: March 2020

Version 2.0

  New features

  • New mobile-first interface

  • ZETALY Service Intelligence has now a brand-new interface. Leaner and designed to ease the navigation on mobile devices, this interface streamlines the user experience and brings greater clarity.

  • New WLM Activity dashboard

  • A new out-of-the-box dashboard has been developed by our team to analyze workload performance through WLM. Following resource consumption by service class and importance and understanding the performance index of each service class are now at a click’s range.

  • New Batch Activity dashboard

  • Getting an overview of your batch activity is now easier than ever with the new out-of-the-box dashboard. You can follow the volume of executed jobs and abends, understand the consumption of your batch activity and get detailed information per job or program name.

  • Dashboard quick navigation

  • You can now switch quickly between the different dashboards by opening a dropdown menu from the dashboard title you are currently seeing.

  • Time zone selection on dashboards

  • A new option at the top of every dashboard allows you to switch between different time zones on the fly. When selected, the time zone will be applied automatically to the dashboard. This time zone option will be retained while navigating to other dashboards.

  • Set dashboards as favorites

  • As the number of out-of-the box dashboards increases and as you may have your own custom dashboards, we added the capacity to specify a dashboard as one of your favorites by simply clicking on the star close to the dashboard title. Your favorites are then accessible on the ZETALY home page for quick access. Favorites are related to your own profile and don’t affect other users.

  • Future applications description

  • ZETALY aims to provide three applications within the same interface. Service Intelligence is the first application available today, but Cost Control and Resource Planning will be released later. We added a description page on each entry to give you the opportunity to understand the functionalities offered in these future applications.

  Feature improvements

  • Enhancements in the Service Delivery dashboard

  • The Service Delivery dashboard now offers a clear distinction between online activity (TP) and batch. All KPIs have been split in two accordingly to help you understand your activity profile.

  • Enhancements in the CICS Activity dashboard

  • We optimized the dashboard loading time by relocating some existing widgets in a “jump-to-dashboard” mode. By clicking on a specific KPI, you will open a pop-up window displaying detail-oriented dashboards. New information has been added to these new additional pop-up dashboards to give information about the top transactions for each metrics.

  • Optimized data model for CPU Activity dashboard

  • The data model used for the CPU Activity dashboard has been optimized to enhance loading performance of widgets.

  • Email server configuration

  • It is now possible to configure the email server used for ZETALY notifications during the installation process.

Version 1.3

  Feature improvements

  • Data segmentation per Applications & Business Units

  • You can now segment your technical data according to finer criteria. Two new categories have been added: business units and applications. After configuration, you will be able to focus your analysis on a specific business activity.

  • Improved filtering bar

  • A new custom filter bar has been implemented to improve navigation comfort in dashboards.

  • Installation process

  • Further improvements have been made to the interface to improve the fluidity of the installation process.

Version 1.2

  New features

  • Personalized data segmentation for business context

  • You can now associate technical data to its business context through a drag & drop interface. It is possible to quickly segment the data by datacenter, by entity (subsidiary, customer…) and by environment (production, test…).

  • Filtering dashboards based on custom segmentation

  • A new filter bar has been added at the top of each dashboard to select custom segments quickly. With one click, the dashboard reflects the business context you choose.

  Feature improvements

  • Db2 dashboard enhancements

  • The Db2 dashboard has been reorganized to make analysis more intuitive. New table widgets have been added to provide more analysis details.

  • Responsive design

  • The interface has been reworked to adapt more effectively to different display scenarios.

  • Installation process

  • Additional configuration capabilities have been added to the installation process. The interface has also been reworked to improve the user experience.

Version 1.1

  Feature improvements

  • Pre-made dashboards enhancements

  • The dashboards designed by the ZETALY team to allow you to quickly analyze your data as soon as the product is installed have been improved in terms of ergonomics, structure and data availability.

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