Analyze Operational Data From a Business Perspective

If you have ever felt like mainframe operational data is overwhelming, incomprehensible, or simply not worth the investment, you’re not alone. Faced with millions of logs a day — containing strings of raw data — the business case for mainframe data is not always immediately apparent.

A preeminent challenge for IT teams is understanding the real world value of operational data and conveying actionable information to non-technical stakeholders. Afterall, mainframes are meant to serve the entire organization, not just the IT team.

Connecting operational data with business services can be a laborious, expensive undertaking. Bridging this gap often requires extensive identification and segmentation of customer activity, a break down into service units, correlation of business data and mainframe activity, and manual grouping through naming conventions or WLM report classes.

In our guide How to Align Mainframe Operational Data with Business Strategies, we break down the obstacles inhibiting mainframe analytics, how to leverage analytics software to overcome these challenges, and how to unlock the true value of mainframe analytics by approaching operational data from a business perspective.


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