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How the ZETALY difference is changing Mainframe Operations Analytics

ZETALY, the all-in-one mainframe optimization solution


What Is The Value Of Mainframe Operational Data?

In this whitepaper, we unpack the importance of logs analysis. Learn about the types of information mainframe managers can gain from analyzing mainframe logs and how this information can be used to manage resources, control the budget, and inform future z/OS optimization efforts. 

Why Is Collecting Mainframe Data So Hard?

All too often businesses overlook the value of SMF records, because they simply don’t know how to collect them in an efficient, affordable way. Important mainframe optimization opportunities pass them by as they struggle to analyze SMF records.

Leverage Machine Learning For Mainframe Operations

Accessible, affordable, automatic, and, best of all, actionable — machine learning helps IT teams gather and analyze mainframe performance data and turn this insight into optimization opportunities.

Mainframe Storage Analytics Has Never Been Easier

Performance bottlenecks, system configuration issues, and chargeback information — all of this and more can be understood at a greater efficiency through storage analytics software.

How to Analyze Operational Data From a Business Perspective

A preeminent challenge for IT teams is understanding the real world value of operational data and conveying actionable information to non-technical stakeholders. Discover how to unlock the true value of mainframe analytics by approaching operational data from a business perspective.