ZETALY Service Intelligence

Mainframe Insights at your finger tips
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A solution to make sense of your operational data

ZETALY Service Intelligence (SI) is a Mainframe Operations Analytics solution designed for simplicity. It offers the opportunity to leverage operational data for system performance optimization.

Easy to use, even by non-experts, it bridges the gap between infrastructure and business.

Gain visibility into your mainframe activity

Understand the dependencies of your infrastructure

Connect technical data to its business context

Track critical key performance indicators and detect anomalies

All-in-one for the entire data lifecycle




Harness the full power of Business Intelligence

Having the data at hand is not enough to make their analysis easier. Reason why ZETALY offers an intuitive visualization interface powered by the Sisense© BI engine. Explore your data from different angles with a few clicks, filter data in an instant or zoom in on a specific item. BI speeds up your decisions and helps you discover new axes of analysis.

Start your analysis without wasting a second using out-of-the-box dashboards

Nobody likes to wait months for a solution to become operational. ZETALY Service Intelligence comes with a series of pre-built dashboards. Designed by mainframe experts, they aim to cover 80% of your analytics needs and provide the KPIs you need to focus on.  Overview dashboards are great analytics starting points to understand the big picture. Component-based dashboards focus on performance and provide in-depth details needed for optimization.

Create your custom dashboards in minutes

It is unrealistic to think that out-of-the-box dashboards will answer 100% of your needs. For specific situations, you can create your own dashboards or customize existing ones. The easy to use drag & drop interface doesn’t require technical skills and speeds up the process.

Collect your logs
in near real time

The starting point for any system analysis is access to operational data. ZETALY extracts system data in near real time before it reaches the mainframe drives. This capture method saves CPU time and reduces I/O.

storage requirements

Mainframe logs have two attributes of Big Data: velocity and volume. To avoid losing control of this flow of data, ZETALY SI collects only the most relevant data. Aggregation techniques result in a 90% reduction in storage volume.

Browse data from a consolidated database

Scattered all over the place, mainframe logs are not always easy to reach. ZETALY consolidates all data into a single MS SQL Server database on either Windows or Linux.

Get the big picture with data models

Each SMF record, and other types of logs, gives information on a single technical aspect. Analyzing them one by one misses the big picture. ZETALY provides you with data models that recreate the relationships between components. This functionality leverages Sisense© ElastiCube™ technology.

Associate technical data with its business context

Your mainframe is way more than a technical asset. It is what keeps your business running. Unfortunately, by default, logs don’t provide information about what you are producing.  ZETALY helps you create custom data segmentations to reconnect the dots. Entities, business units, applications… These filters bring a business approach to system metrics and help make sense of them.

Supercharge data models with business metrics

Analyzing system data is good. Correlating them with business data is even better. ZETALY can correlate data from different external sources: Postgres, MongoDB, JDBC, Oracle, Teradata, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift… to name a few. Assessing the impact of mainframe performance on the business becomes simpler than ever.

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