Mainframe logs made understandable,
applicable & actionable

Mainframes generate an incredible amount of logs every second. Transactions, cache, DB2, etc., and there is no default way to summarize all of this activity. For even the most seasoned mainframe technicians, finding usable mainframe data can be like finding a needle in haystack. ZETALY is designed to democratize mainframe logs and make them understandable to more stakeholders. It helps make analytics applicable and actionable across the IT workflow.

Near real time log streaming to always know what’s going on

Data aggregation
to reduce storage needs

Data preparation to alleviate complexity & improve readiness

Data analysis through
business intelligence dashboards

Data leverage
for anomaly detection & predictions

Scalable to your needs. Customizable for your environment.

ZETALY is designed as a central platform for mainframe management. The solution will be enhanced over time and covers several functional needs. Would you like to monitor your mainframe budget?  Or keep an eye on the quality of service?

Our offer is modular: It is up to you to compose the solution that meets your needs!

The solution also includes customization features. From technical settings to the ability to create custom dashboards in a few clicks, ZETALY is flexible enough to adapt to any environment.

A one-stop solution. Designed for simplicity.

We believe that your time is precious and that you do not need yet another labyrinthine system. ZETALY functions as a focal point for all mainframe operations. No need to navigate between multiple applications to answer a single question. The solution brings together all the information you need to manage your mainframe.

The mainframe world is often synonymous with complexity. We believe that this does not have to be inevitable. ZETALY is designed to be simple to install and maintain. It also takes advantage of the latest technological innovations to offer you the best user experience: a state-of-the-art business intelligence engine, an artificial intelligence engine, a dynamic web interface and much more…

One solution.
Multiple benefits.

Reduce & control mainframe costs

Maximize the use of resources

Prevent system failures by being proactive

Resolve issues quickly with immediate answers

Improve productivity
with knowledge & automation

Encourage collaboration with a shared control center

Discover opportunities
by seeing the big picture