Streamline ITOA With Machine Learning

Machine learning can learn your mainframe environment faster than any one human ever could. By running behind the scenes, machine learning refines its insights with every data point and contextualizes raw figures into actionable improvements.

Machine learning with ITOA

5 Mainframe Optimization Techniques

Everyone wants a faster, cheaper mainframe. They want it both ways —better performance on a budget. And, while this might sound idealistic, mainframe managers can have their cake and eat it too by making mainframe optimization a priority. At the heart of mainframe...

What are SMF records?

System Management Facilities (SMF) offer a way of keeping track of what is happening on your mainframe. These reports help fill in the picture of mainframe activity. And, while this might seem simple at first, SMF records (in their numerous iterations) confound...

Top IT trends of 2018

As the year winds down, it’s important to reflect on which industry innovations helped improve IT efficiencies and which 2018 trends fell short. Which IT trends boomed this year? Which ones busted? Most importantly, which IT trends deserve your time and money?...

What is the zCost Difference?

Every mainframe manager wants the same thing: improved system performance at a cheaper price. It seems simple — you want an opportunity to run mission-critical workloads, and scale your mainframe environment to mounting demands, but without breaking the bank. Is...

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